A Potpourri of Painting Adventures

In getting ready for the “West to East Canadian Landscapes in Paint” solo exhibition opening on June 30, 2017, I have inhaled the passionate fragrances from many rendered experiences of the last few years.  From climbing along the bluffs recently of Galiano Island

to painting with umbrella rattling in the breeze

while rain, sun and mist tumbling endlessly across the horizon

(The Bluffs Galiano Island 8 x 10 inch acrylic plein air sketch)

to maneuvering carefully on the narrow  red cliffs of Prince Edward Island last May,

Canada has an exhilarating and engaging topography!

(Cap Egmont Lighthouse PEI 18 x 24 inch oil on canvas)

From one crashing sea on the west coast

(plein air painting on Chesterman Beach in Tofino, B.C.)

to another on the east coast,

( plein air painting sketch at Cavendish PEI)

my brushes are hardly every still. There is more to capture the heart and imagination then there are tubes of paint to feverishly brush onto a surface. Still, I give it my best!

(Sea and Sun Cox Bay Tofino BC 24 x 48 inch oil on canvas)

Though this solo exhibition of 25 works is inspired by Canada 150 celebrations (and it will open on the Canada Day long weekend), there is so much more influencing these canvases, thousands of years more!

What natural environments bring your own heart to crescendo of emotion?

Note: Specifics about the solo exhibition are now available in a recent post on TerrillWelchArtist.com HERE.

© 2017 Terrill Welch, All rights reserved.

Liberal usage granted with written permission. See “About” for details.

Creative Potager – Visit with painter and photographer Terrill Welch

From Mayne Island, British Columbia, Canada

For gallery and purchase information about Terrill’s photographs and paintings go to http://terrillwelchartist.com

12 thoughts on “A Potpourri of Painting Adventures

    • Not so long to wait now Katherine. I have all the most difficult tasks done though there are still a few hanging wires to put on and labels to print. More puttering than real work. Enjoying my time in the deep woods for the next few days where I don’t have to even look at a painting for the show. Grandson is playing is guitar and it feels it might rain. But we don’t mind because the 9 km hike down the bay at the end of the island is already behind us.

    • For some reason this show feels like a big one Laurie, even more than the international art fair in Vancouver a few weeks ago. There is a sense of closure or full circle about this show… As if I will be moving on even though I have no conscious knowledge of wanting to or any idea what I might move on to do in my work. Another mystery 😉

    • Thank you Deborah! The edges are now done, all inventory work is completed and only the printing of the consignment report and labels is left to do before “hanging day” 🙂

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