Going to the Birds

Sunday of Thanksgiving weekend on Mayne Island was beautiful. So I thought you might like to come with me to one of Creative Potager’s favourite beaches at Reef Bay. Wear your sneakers. It can be slippery. The tide is coming in fast. We might get wet.

There it is. Still here even though we have been away for weeks.

Look way out to the end. See where those seagulls and other shorebirds are? That is where we are going. Make sure your hands are free so you can balance. And watch your step… there are some big cracks between the rocks – wouldn’t want to lose you in one.

Remember the tide is coming in so keep your eyes open to ensure we can get back to shore… without swimming.

Ahhhhh, so beautiful. Water reflecting the world around it.

Oh, look! There is a family enjoying the beach too.

Now where were we. Yes, the birds. Let’s see if we can get just a bit closer.

I don’t know much about shorebirds other than there are all sorts of different kinds of seagulls and those black fellows in the foreground with the long bright red beaks are black oystercatchers.

If we crouch down maybe we can get just a wee bit closer and have a good look around. Oops! Be careful. Here comes a gull in for a landing.

This gull in front is such a show off. It is like he is saying “look at me.”

The little birds behind him sitting with the other gulls are black turnstones which are unmistakable when they fly. I call the zebra birds. They are fast and hard to capture.

Here goes a lovely gull overhead.

I am fascinated by the repeating shape of the bird and the neck of land. It is like seeing an echo. Away it goes… wait a minute what do we have here?

Seven eight lay them straight. ..

View full resolution and purchase image here.

Oh No! One mighty squawk is all it took!

Look at them go!

Well, I guess we better start pecking our way back to shore. Should only take a short while. Ah yes, dry land ahead.

Are your shoes still dry? No skinned knees? Good! You were lucky.

Sprout question: Have you ever let your creativity go to the birds?

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From Mayne Island, British Columbia, Canada

16 thoughts on “Going to the Birds

  1. Very nice, Terrill – I love how your words made me feel like I was actually walking along the beach with you! Beautiful photos! The one of all the birds lined up reminds me of the Pixar short “For The Birds”! 🙂

  2. Great fun post! I have not been to the shore in way to long, even though we have gulls that fly about here and hang out in the shopping center parking lots, hmm?

    I love “eight lay the straight” !!!

    Birds are hard to capture and since my friendly owls have moved on, I have not had any birds to photograph!

    • Oh good Jeff, the post was meant to be fun and I had a great time taking the photos. We have owls around here but I have only seen one and only got photos of tail feathers as the robins were harassing it (he had got to close to their nest). Have a great day and glad you dropped in.

  3. Terrill – This adventure was great fun. Thank you for taking us along. I liked little Mr. “look at me” the best. He even turned sideways so you could get his profile!

    Sprout question: Haved you ever let our creativity go to the birds?

    Just yesterday we rode our bikes up in Hebron (a new trail for us near the Wisconsin border). There were Great Blue Heron’s by the hundreds and loads of wild turkey as well. We don’t know if it was the herons or the turkeys singing their little hearts out. Or perhaps they were singing together as one chorus. They were in a “marshy” area and blended in well with the landscape. I tried to get their photograph, but without a telephoto lens, I’m afraid that it was “for the birds” ….

    • Sounds like a lovely ride Laurie. I can smell the fall air and hear the sounds in the marsh. Herons are loud and make kind of prehistoric squawk. I know just what you mean Laurie about working without a good telephoto lens…

      I have an EFS 17-85 mm which is a good all round lens but I have to creep to close to take decent bird and wildlife photographs. A good 300 mm lens is on my wish list be but some more paintings and photographic prints will need to sell first. Calendars and cards help too:) And it will happen. I got a new epson colour printer with some of my last income. Now I can print images up to 11 X13 inches at home.

  4. Your photos are restorative, beautiful.
    I’ve let my creativity go to the birds in more ways than one, I suppose, at times. Lately, I’ve been thinking of ways to use the idea and symbolism of birds in my work, if not actual imagery.

  5. such a refreshing, restorative visit whenever i stop by one of your posts.

    today, i met a twitter friend (whom I have not met in real life yet)’s real life couple friend from a near by town in Vancouver—small town, 3 hours away. and i kept asking them questions about how to get to where you are! hehe!

    these are lovely photos.

    i do have to think of this question though. hmmm….. i will come back to answer or it will find its way in a story!



    • Annie I am so pleased that you found the post restorative. As for Vancouver being a small town… it has a little over 2.2 million people in the Greater Vancouver and approximately half of the population of the province of British Columbia. Your twitter friend might be in one of the small communities that is part of Greater Vancouver though… Here is a link that gives you a better idea of the area http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Metro_Vancouver

      One of these days a whole lot of people are going to be standing at our gate and David is going to say “what are they doing here?” I am going to reply “I invited them for tea.” I can hardly wait!

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