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I’m calling all sages to the edge of the sea. Rest your weary mind and nurture your soul as these rollers roll towards shore. Softly the whisper breaks your inner silence. Softly it calls and becomes the only sound that is heard – outside and inside. Softly… softly… softly… softly….

A 12 X 12 inch gessobord with two-inch birch cradle water miscible oil painting. More background about this oil painting can be found at Beginnings of a Whisper.

UPDATED MARCH 3, 2011: This painting is now SOLD

Sprout question: What softly calls your creativity?

Last day for….

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From Mayne Island, British Columbia, Canada

17 thoughts on “Whisper

  1. Terrill – That is simply beautiful.

    Sprout question: What softly calls your creativity?

    It’s different every day, but today it’s stillness; allowing myself to not feel challenged by a clock.

    • Thank you Laurie… good luck with relaxing into your day with clarity and ease.

      The clock has just as many minutes when we are calm and focus as it does when we are anxious and pushing to meet a deadline. However, calm and focus seems to allow us to get more done at a higher quality. Sometimes it helps to review what we are saying “yes” to. For example, I remember being extremely agitated one Christmas eve day before going to my parents. I had been away for a month and my partner of the day and my teenage children had been managing the home front. Their idea of “taking care of things” wasn’t shall we say up to my standards so there I was flying around the house getting everything packed and wrapped for the trek to my parents. Things were going not too badly until I grabbed the glass cleaner and started to clean the entry way window and door. Let’s just say, it didn’t make sense that I was saying “yes” to. I will never forget the look on everyones face. First I hurt their feelings and second they thought I was losing it – and I was. Fortunately, I owned that was overwhelmed and anxious and we laughed about it for a very long time. Christmas was great!

  2. Terrill,

    Beautiful! I think I would like to have this painting…

    What softly calls my creativity, the sun shine, the breeze as it blows through the trees, the whisper of nature!

    I am Love, Jeff

    • Thank you Jeff! Just be careful the last person who said they would like one of my paintings now has it hanging on their wall:) I will send you a direct email with more purchase details. I love you sprout response, it is so similar to my own and is one of the reasons I am so drawn to your photography.

  3. Beautiful meditative painting.
    Today the trees in my garden, their fallen rustling leaves & my son’s lovingly gathered conker collection softly called my creativity. They inspired some beautiful earthy photos for the CED2010 October theme.

    Kat x

  4. Terrill – I did enjoy a day of carity and ease, thank you. I love what you said, “The clock has just as many minutes when we are calm and focus as it does when we are anxious and pushing to meet a deadline.” And thoroughly enjoyed the story that you shared as well.

  5. I love this painting, too. I love the title of your blog “Whisper”. Several times since I’ve seen this title, I have thought of it and thought of the way the leaves seem to whisper in the wind at the time of year. So often when I read your blog, I wish I could blog just like you. The Zen part loves your quietness, your sparse words, your artistic spirit, the peace which seems to rise like mist off your posts. It always makes me want to write just like you. But, alas, I sit down and start to write and a different kind of voice often appears. But at least it’s possible to visit here and to be quietly surrounded with your seaside mist.

    • Oh Kathy I wouldn’t change a thing about your blog writing. Maybe it is like wishing you have straight hair when you have curly hair while being unable to see just how beautiful what you have is to others. Thank you though for your kind and thoughtful words about my posts. I think the best part of me shows up on Creative Potager – the unhurried-reflective-self. It is only part of me though. On the ferry ride home today I told David I was feeling quite grumpy and asked if he had noticed. He laughed loudly as if to say “what do you take me for a fool?” We had a grand time in town overnight but it was coming to an end. The car is loaded with a very large canvas, a new printer and fresh produce and meat. Uuuugggghhhhh!

      So I am glad this peaceful Zen corner of my life is pleasing and a good place to visit. I think I shall just drop in myself for a few minutes before getting supper together:)

      • Terrill, it is good to know your unhurried-reflective self. I like your analogy of we curly haired folks wanting straight hair. I always did anyway! I tend to look at it as if we’re all composed of many selves. Which self will come forth to write our blogs? Which self will we allow to come forth? I am always surprised to see which part of our wide variety of selves comes forth to share. My love of your unhurried-reflective-side has inspired me to post at least three peaceful blogs this week. That side of me feels appreciated and heard now.

  6. The painting has really developed! Congratulations Terrill, it’s absoluting ravishing!

    My own creativity today (a dramatic reading in class) was inspired by the quality of the work (Arnold Lobel’s Caldecott Medal winning FABLES).

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