Feminine Beauties

If I had painted their white ruffles and splashed them with a dash of fuchsia paint would you have believed their beauty? These feminine lovelies are ivy geraniums – white as a christening gown. I smile when I saw them dancing on the morning wisps as I sipped my coffee in the courtyard – seductive, sensual darlings.

Sprout question: How does sensual beauty appear in your creativity?

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From Mayne Island, British Columbia, Canada

14 thoughts on “Feminine Beauties

  1. Terrill – Beauties indeed. Coquettish and sassy!

    Sprout Question: How does sensual beauty appear in your creativity?

    Why just this morning I was playing my bodhrán to stir the creative juices — a rewarding sensory experience.

    • Laurie that sounds like a perfect thing to do this morning. I hope it was not at 4:00 am while others were still tucked in. I would like you to continue to be around to be inspired:)

      Pssst! dear readers, I had to look up what a bodhrán was so here is a cheater from wiki:

      The bodhrán is an Irish frame drum ranging from 25 to 65 cm (10″ to 26″) in diameter, with most drums measuring 35 to 45 cm (14″ to 18″).

  2. Terrill – I’m going to try to place an 18-second YouTube video clip of Caroline Corr playing a bodhrán – she is, quite possibly, one of the best bodhrán players on the planet:

    If that didn’t work, I’ll come back and place a link instead, and I’ll blog about my love affair with the bodhrán in the very near future.

  3. Feminine Lovelies indeed Terrill. The ivy geraniums made me think of weddings, but your ‘Christening gown’ simile is dead-on.

    I have always favored the sensual aspects of literature, music and film, and find myself stresses those aspects when appraising or enjoying any work. It’s what intoxicates and moves you, and that’s after all what the artistic experience is all about.

    Enjoyed Laurie’s bodhran solo immensely! Never heard of this performer nor am I really familiar with this instrument!

    • Fantastic Laurie! I have just been by for a visit.

      Dear readers you just have to go by and visit Laurie as she shows us her Bodhrán…. psst! (soft whisper) she has a very sexy awesome new wordpress page. mmmmuuummmummm!

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