This wave won’t take your breath away as it crashes to shore. It is going to swish over the sandstone and reach in near your heart, gently releasing, easing back to sea, only to reach forward again, and again. Let your worries and fears go with it. Fill with its strength each time the wave reaches forward. Be within.


Sprout question: What is your heart wanting to create?


© 2010 Terrill Welch, All rights reserved.

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From Mayne Island, British Columbia, Canada


16 thoughts on “Within

  1. Good morning! A beautiful expression of breathing, the natural state of water and waves…. bring it in, let it out!

    My heart was wanting to create a blog about relationships and it just did that. or the beginning blog on relationships…

    I am Love, Jeff

    • I will need to drop by Jeff and have a read on your new heart creation. First, I must get my land legs back after rocking on a storming sea coming home this morning from Vancouver. I will get by soon though. Thank you as usual for dropping in and your sprout response.

    • Thanks Laurie and I wish you all the best of luck in creating your hearts desire for a small community of bodhrán drummers. I am assuming this would be a “same-time-same-place” group of drummers. Yes?

  2. Great thoughts this morning…It is a wonderful morning here in Wisconsin…..
    I was supossed to pick up mom to come home today from the hospital, however they started another IV yesterday and are delaying her a bit.

    I am doing a bit of work this morning and then will venture out to get some paperwork and pay moms monthly bill for her house….

    Sprout question: What is your heart wanting to create?

    Love, trust, faith, caring, peace, and truth….

    P.S….and the community of bodhrán drummers sounds really interesting!!!!

  3. Terrill – You’re absolutely correct in that it would be a same-time-same-place group of bodhrán drummers.

    And don’t think for one moment that I’ve forgotten about the SWAT team member with a bullet-hole in his head! You’ve simply got to tell us more (or I will surely burst). I hope this will be in one of your up-and-coming posts.

    • Well Laurie, I did get a few photos so we will see if they survive my editing process. Hoping to have them up for tomorrow but have drawing class tonight and I am a little wobbly from my early start and ferry ride this morning. I will give it my best though.

  4. as always, find solace in ‘where i am supposed to go’ when stuck during writing. even if all the way in vienna. so here i am, writing, and here i go now to finish. thank you terrill.

    loving the background of your website page.


    tomorrow will be my final tuesday’s story. or a break from them. i have cleared out all the creative clutter. and now must zone in to finish the manuscript.

    • Glad you could come by and find what you need all the way from Vienna Annie:) I like what you say about clearing out creative clutter. I find we often don’t do that enough. It is like our physical space, holding energy and making it difficult for us to do our best. In life drawing class, we do a series of quick sketches before settling in to 5 minute poses, then 10, 20 and then a final 30 or 45 minute pose. In photography I often do the same. Particularly now that I have a digital camera I can feel free to take a few warm up shots. With my film camera, I would frame the image without taking the photo. All the best on finishing your manuscript Annie.

  5. What a calming description, and beautiful photo to go with it!! I can almost hear the gentle waves rolling over those rocks!

    What is my heart wanting to create?
    A photo that says “pure happiness”!

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