Home becomes Gallery

The transition is just about complete. For Saturday November 13th and Sunday November 14th our home will become a studio gallery for my:

* oil paintings

*large photography canvas prints

*2011 Sea, Land and Time Mayne Island calendars

*and, lots and lots of cards.

Would you like to tip toe through and have a wee peek? I thought you might. Leave your shoes at the door. The floors are heated and so cozy to walk on. Go on down the curved hall into the great room.

Feel free to stop and look on your way.

The sunroom area is not quite finished yet. The bed will be covered in cards by tonight, with a large canvas print resting on the headboard after I remove the pillows.

Now come up into “the private area” which is where we will have our breakfast…

and opposite of where my working studio is located.

Let’s look over the loft railing.

Well this is it. The cards are not out yet and there are still a few more pieces to hang but this gives you the general idea.

For those of you that are too far away to get any closer than this blog to these open studio days, you don’t need to miss out. Remember? Redbubble has a 15% sale on all my work in their online storefront. You can only get this deal if you order online. So there you go. Something for everyone.

Sprout question: When are you next presenting your creative work?

Have a wonderful weekend.

© 2010 Terrill Welch, All rights reserved.

Liberal usage granted with written permission. See “About” for details.

Purchase photography at http://www.redbubble.com/people/terrillwelch

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From Mayne Island, British Columbia, Canada

24 thoughts on “Home becomes Gallery

  1. Terrill,
    How cool is that! I love the idea, open house studio tour! Thank you for sharing it all with us who are far away physically but with you creatively and spiritually!

    I have one piece going up next week! I have four pieces in an on-going exhibit that changes every two months. There is a Christmas tour exhibit I may do as well.

    I am Love, Jeff

    • Good to hear about you pieces Jeff and best to luck with them. Can you link us to the redbubble image of your favourite?

      This studio tour I am doing now is our Christmas tour. Over the years it is a time that has worked well for both visitors, weekenders and full-time residents. There is also two big craft fairs. One at the Agricultural Hall and one at the Community Centre. A time of excitement for all creative beings here on Mayne Island.

  2. Terrill – You’re home is so warm and welcoming, thank you for inviting us in for a peek. If being there in person is anything like my virtual experience, your guests are going to be bathed in the creative energy that swirls within your walls.

    Sprout question: When are you next presenting your creative work?

    My article, “The Collective Consciousness – A Source for Individual Potential” will appear in the Nov/Dec edition of “Evolving Your Spirit” magazine which comes out on the 15th of this month.

    Have a WONDERFUL weekend!

    • Laurie our home is energetically warm but has an extra warm feel on this day because it was raining and I had to have every light on in the place in order to take the photos and show the work. This time of year that is common though and I will put all the lights on for the opening as well.

      While waiting for the next edition of Evolving Your Spirit we can read Laurie’s current article “Unity is Birthed by Individuals” by clicking the link to the magazine on your website. Next week Laurie when the new article is out be sure to leave us the link in one of your comments.

  3. Terrill – Thank you for the link to my current article. When the new one comes out I’ll be sure to place a link in one of my comments over on Speaking from the Heart.

    You have HEATED floors… oh that sounds delicious!

    • Oh good! Since I am in class anyway Laurie I should be sure to catch it.

      Yes we have hotwater heated floors. It is actually our ONLY source of heat. Because of the insulation value of our strawbale walls and our relatively mild climate it works beautifully and is a clean economical way to heat our home. I adore this heat because my toes are warm and my head is just right. It heats the content of a room rather than the air so room temperatures are even and even cooler than may otherwise be comfortable.

  4. Congratulations, Laurie, on the publication of your article.
    I have had the pleasure of visiting Terrill’s beautiful home. These photos do a fine job of capture it.

    When are you next presenting your creative work?
    Um…that’s the question, isn’t it?
    I thought my thriller The Sweater Curse would be published today.
    I’m fortunate to work with a team of talented editors. They worked magic with my story. I’m so proud of it, there are no words –rather ironic. : )
    Is it published? No, not yet…but soon.
    I enjoy writing fiction. It provides me oppotunity to address interesting issues.
    Some of the questions I explore in The Sweater Curse are…
    What is art?
    What is it like to be an artist?
    How does society view the artistic community?
    As you can see, not only am I proud but I’m also exciting. Thank you, Terrill, for allowing me to share my news. You are a generous hostess.
    I hope to be there Sunday.
    Best wishes for Saturday and Sunday

    • Keep us posted Leanne on when your book will be available. I have had a few sneak previews and it promises to be a great read. Yes it will be great to see you on Sunday. I know you know how to get here but I have just finished posting signs from the Ferry to the house. They are on lime green paper and read “Artist Home Studio Open Sat & Sun 428 Bowsprite Cres ” with arrows showing the way. I have heard from a few people who are coming from Victoria special so I hope this will help them.

  5. Big sigh … seeing your art distributed about your home, makes me want to pack my bags tonight and join the actual walk through on Sat. and Sun. Instead, I send you a big hug and well wishes for Sat. and Sun. Have a wonderful weekend, Sis.
    As to when the next time I show my artwork, I am not sure. What I do know is, there will be a next time and another after that and so it goes. The desire to express and share is continual, even as it ebbs and flows with life.

    • Sue these are the times I wish our family wasn’t so scattered. It would have been awesome to have you come by and even better would have been to share the space with you or to have you showing your work in your own space at the same time. I would love to say “oh, have you been over to my sister’s place yet? If you like this you would really love her paintings.” I like what you say about “the desire to express and share is continual, even as it ebbs and flows with life.” That says it all perfectly. Missing you and a big hug…

      now I must shower before guests arrive and I am still in my nightie chatting with all of you.

  6. I did indeed remove my shoes Terrill, and immerced myself in these at-home treasures. When talent, focus and passion converge, this is the end result, and your viewers are that much more ravished and enlightened!

    Well, I am hoping to pen an appreciation of the opera that I will be seeing this afternoon at 1:00 P.M. on HD broadcast from a local theatre: Gaetano Donizetti’s DON PASQUALE.

  7. A shame I cannot be there would love a browse amonst your paintings! Good Job to remove the pillows from your bed as you never kow someone may fancy a snooze!
    Loved the glimpse of the seascape on the wall
    A nice tidy place you have

    • It is a shame Chris… but so wonderful we connect from oceans so far apart. Each engage in are separate pursuits yet connecting deeply with our love the sea and landscapes. Funny you should mention the bed. People have been commenting with surprise all day “oh my gosh! It’s a bed!” So there you go. Remove the pillows and it doesn’t seem to be a bed anymore but rather a high table for browsing art cards.

      Dear readers, today has been steady with guests visiting from Vancouver, Victoria and even farther away. My face is starting feel like it has a permanent smile 🙂 other than that, we have managed to squeeze in a small lunch and seem to be having a nice lull for digestion.

  8. Oh this is such a wonderful idea Terrill! Having your home as a gallery. Your home looks perfectly suited for this and I hope you sell out completely of your lovely artwork.

    Where do you talk more about your book? Would love to read more about it!

    Look forward to hearing how you fared this weekend! 🙂

  9. Enchanted! Feel like I’ve known you for years, Terrill. Your home as an art gallery is a wonderfully warm idea. I will explore your artwork via the site mentioned. You are mega talented! Take care. —Daisy in SunnyRoomStudio

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