Washed Smooth

The heaviness of the cloud pushes down until I hunch under its dreary weight. West coast winter has arrived. Last nights winds were an early warning of what is yet to come. Today is smoldering quiet. Only small birds twitter in the trees as we walk.

I cast my eyes south,

then north along the shore,

stopping my roving gaze only when I look west and settle upon the smooth sandstone washed clean by years of waves.

I notice one small leaf also sitting in deviance.


Sprout question: What might you like to wash smooth?


© 2010 Terrill Welch, All rights reserved.

Liberal usage granted with written permission. See “About” for details.

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From Mayne Island, British Columbia, Canada



15 thoughts on “Washed Smooth

    • Good morning Jeff… maybe some of us and some of our relationships were just meant to have some rough edges in order to smooth out some other aspects. How will anything stick and deepen if it has nothing to rub up against and just slips right by? Just a thought, maybe because I like your-not-always-so-smooth genuine caring self as you are. But as Laurie always says… what your are not changing you are choosing so if it is time for a change, I am with you!

  1. Beautiful photos of the water, rocks, trees, and clouds. Thanks for sharing these. Right now, I can’t think of a thing to wash smooth. I’m enjoying rough edges as I discover more about different avenues of exercising creativity.

  2. You do such a wondeful job of capturing the beauty that surrounds us.
    Hmm, what would I like to wash smooth. It’s a challenging question.
    The truth…
    I was listening to my favourite radio program. It’s a show which features Canadian authors.
    One of the discussed books was about a dyslexic teenage boy…a raging dyslexic teenage boy.
    Well, I know (some) dyslexic people do have problems with rage. I know this because I’m dyslexic.
    What I don’t like is the attitude possessed by many in the majority–the so-called “normal” people. This attitude: they’re not like me so they must be pitied because they are miserable.
    I’d like to wash that attitude smooth–until it disappears.
    Replacing it with, just because my reality isn’t like your reality doesn’t mean my reality is inferior to yours.

  3. Terrill – It does, indeed, look like winter has arrived. The air LOOKS cold in the beautiful photographs.

    Sprout question: What might you like to wash smooth?

    My furrowed brow. Not furrowed from anger, sadness, worry, or angst – but pondering.

    • Laurie I thought you were going to tell us that your brow was furrowed from reading all those comments on your “freshly pressed ” G is for Gratitude post. And here is from pondering… maybe it is from pondering your success.

      Dear readers, I am still extremely excited for Laurie and her Speaking from the Heart blog which hit the front page of WordPress yesterday. Those of us that regularly visit Laurie’s fine words already know how great she is but this time a whole new audience had the chance to drop in – close to 2,500 from my rough calculations and 130 comments that last time I looked. If you haven’t already dropped in at G is for Gratitude I encourage you to do so and join in the fun.

      • Terrill – Thank you for pointing to G is for Gratitude on Speaking from the Heart. That was a fun experience!

        Do you know if Leanne’s book has come out yet? I’d like to point to it when it does.

        • You are most welcome Laurie. It was my pleasure. I loved celebrating with you. It is like having a win for our team! (though I am not sure I could define who “our team” really is) A three pointer from the center-line for Laurie! Swish!

          As near as I know Laurie, Leanne’s book is still in the wings and on its way soon but not quite yet. I am sure she will be by and let us know as soon as it has been released. So for now stay tuned.

  4. Beautiful pictures. I’m subscribing! This is what I need to see every day… Reminders of the awesome world we live in to wash away the ugly we sometimes face in humanity. Thank you!

    • Thank you Kim for your kind words. You have made my Creative Potager day! I look forward to your return visits. I love your tagline on your blog Humanitarikimjust a girl hoping for change.” You and I may be kindred spirits at heart. I look forward to getting to know you.

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