Fence in Snow

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It is a long lean frame. My sight line moves back and forth… until I pause in the middle of the field at the tree only then to notice blue sky. I believe it has to be together, just as it is.

Sprout question: What might have you creatively sitting on the fence?

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From Mayne Island, British Columbia, Canada

26 thoughts on “Fence in Snow

  1. Gorgeous, Terrill!! I think all of the elements in the photo compliment each other so nicely – the fresh snow, the variety of trees, and the peaceful blue sky….. VERY nice!!

    BTW – you’ve inspired me to open up my own Redbubble shop! There is a link to it on my blog. 🙂

    • Thanks Holly. I will look for your redbubble store too. Just so you know Kathy Drue who comments here often is also now on redbubble. We are going to have whole Creative Potager redbubble mall at the rate we are going. So much fun.

  2. Terrill – The sky in your delicious photograph is clearly the icing on the cake!

    Sprout question: What might have you creatively sitting on the fence?

    Fiction (not just creative non-fiction) writing.

    • Thanks Laurie. I think I fell off this fence on the weekend when writing on Mona’s Work. I wrote in an affair that my grandmother was having with the man who taught her to drive – only in reverse. As far as I know it is not true. Now I am wondering what kind of sinful trouble a writer can get in for making up a story about their grandmother having an affair. Don’t expect to see this book in print anytime soon. First I will have to save up for legal advice.

      • Terrill – I agree with you. I can hear my mother’s voice, now, “People who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.” Or, “When you point your finger at another person, you’ve got three pointing back.” 🙂 Moms – ya gotta love em!

        • Laurie it sounds like your mom was skilled at teaching non-judgement and compassion. In our house it was my dad that was best at distilling this perspective. He didn’t have any favourite sayings on the subject if was mostly just how he lived.

  3. Crisp, clear beauty.

    If I may dive into the discussion you and Laurie are engaged in, I must concur. I find it difficult to write non-fiction. Even writing creative non-fiction presents a problem. However, truth does greatly inspire and shape my fiction.

  4. Stunning, we are having sunshine and clear skies this morning too, but the tree damage must be phenomenal – power problems to. Lots of roads closed, on the hills.

    As beautiful as it is I am looking forward to the rains return on Thursday so my company can still come for a visit 🙂 Selfish mum that I am!!

    I do not like this ice and it blocks the solar panels and does not melt off when it is so very cold.

      • We have 2 fireplaces and a heat pump – but the solar panels work just as well in general light until they are covered in snow or ice….or covers. It is wonderful to be sharing energy with all the neighbors on such a cold and blustery day and getting paid for it! Daughter made it here just fine, only problems encountered were when she arrived here -a mile south and no snow or ice.

        I understand this storm is heading your way….hope it calms down a bit, what a blast of cold.

        • Patricia I think it must have arrived about the same time. We had unusual November snow and cold weather already and it has now warmed up. Yesterday was a beautiful day. Good to hear your daughter arrived safely. I remember you saying how much you were looking forward to her visit. Thanks also for answering my question about your solar panels.

  5. Leanne – I’m counting on you to give a huge SHOUT OUT here and over on Speaking from the Heart when your book’s available for purchase. I’m a Kindle gal so I’ll upload mine the moment I see the green light 🙂

    • I think you did too Kathy, now that you are “watching” on redbubble you are often going to be one ahead of viewing the images here on Creative Potager. It isn’t a 100% crossover but close. However, many more images get posted here than ever make it to redbubble.

  6. Gorgeous winter landscape at an amazingly early date! But so many visual opportunities emanate from this frosty November turn of Mother Nature.

    Time, prorities, and the right kind of motivation/inspiration are always the obstacles towards pulling that creative trigger!

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