Rolling continuation yet no second like the one before.

Come now! It is just a rock and a bit of sea water reflecting the blue sky. What makes that worthy of contemplation?

What defense do I have? It was cold and my stiff fingers slipped on the shutter button. I am a bit touched from being to long on an island. Whatever the reason, I have come back to this image more than once in deciding what to post for today.

This is it. Enjoy a Zen moment. Or not:)

Sprout question: What are some repeating themes in your creativity?

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From Mayne Island, British Columbia, Canada

19 thoughts on “One

  1. Terrill – I can certainly see why you were repeatedly drawn back to this photograph – it’s captivating.

    Sprout question: What are some repeating themes in your creativity?

    An under-current of encouragement.

    • Yes Laurie “an under-current of encouragement.” That is and under-statement I would say you have a full current of encouragement in you writing particularly the writing I know best at Speaking from the Heart.

      A short pause from our regular program for the Mayne Island weather report. Large fluffy flakes are descending outside the Creative Potager studio window. La casa de inspiracion is a cool 67 degrees with outside temperatures currently at 21 degrees. There is a snowfall warning for 2-4 inches. However, it is expected to warm up near freezing and rain by this afternoon, making for a sloppy slippery mess.

  2. Terrill,

    Being drawn to a moment is Zen in itself. Rock and water is just a rock and water until contemplated or at least considered. What I see is the movement of change, the sea never stays the same, waves always crashing and moving, always different, the rock is always the same to the eye but the water and sand under it are slowing washing it away or adding life on to its surface.

    This photographic is a moment in time, and a reflection !

    Nature is the repeating theme in my creativity!

    I am Love, Jeff

      • Sweet of you Terrill! since I am feeling so darn disconnected! yet I imagined the image and it effects…
        The piece of cake on a plate with fork? It is carrot cake actually, I think there is a photo of
        Chocolate cake somewhere!

        • Well your words sound connected when I read them allowed in my head Jeff… have you read your comment again now that it is posted? You might find yourself perfectly connected here on Creative Potager quietly waiting for the rest of yourself to catch up:)

          Yes the cake on a plate with a fork is the one I saw. Carrot cake is good too.

  3. What a way to start a Wednesday off! Your photo friend…I must say you have a true gift of capturing things of this life that not many people take time to notice! The little moments if you will. 🙂 Keep going!


  4. Beautiful Zen moment re your photograph, Terrill. As for a repeating theme in my creativity — excellent question!

    To stay in sync with my inner world, drawing on it without excessive “thought” — being present and receptive to inspiration.

    One more quick thought: The soothing quality of rock and water is nearly mesmerizing. Thanks for sharing your work and warm thoughts! –Daisy

    • Daisy I am not surprised with your sprout question answer.

      To stay in sync with my inner world, drawing on it without excessive “thought” — being present and receptive to inspiration.

      This is how I experience your incredible ability to be in the world and to connect quickly and deeply with other. You are a treasured new friend here on Creative Potager, on facebook and on twitter. I often feel like we are leisurely paddling in the same stream of life.

      • Leisurely paddling in the same stream of life … lovely thought, Terrill … are you also a writer? I’m fascinated by artists who combine a visual image w/text. The Washington Pavilion had a wonderful exhibit last year that combined poetry with painting … PPP > Painting, Poetry, Pavilion. We can consider for January if this intrigues you at all! And thank you for the kind words … as a treasured new friend … I take them to heart, returning the sentiment in full!

        • I am also a writer Daisy and seem to easily combine a few words to go with my visual creative work. Laurie always calls them my “word pictures.” Most often they are not poetry but simple prose or storytelling. You will have to email me and tell me more about what you were thinking for January… I would be thrilled to do a picture story with photographs and paintings for the January guest post on your blog.

  5. So you get touched when you live a long time on an island? I want to know all about what it’s like to live on an island. Do you have a store on your island or do you have to go to the Mainland to get groceries? (Excuse my curiousity. I should be silently admiring the rock in proper Zen-like fashion. 🙂 )

    • Well, Kathy there is always a chatty one in the group… and it seems to be a different one of us every time we sit in silence. Today it is you. We have a little over a 1,000 full-time residents here on Mayne Island. Yes we have a grocery store, a bakery, a gas station with DVDs and a post office open half days Mon – Fri. We have a liquor store, a library and a school. We have a health food store, insurance office, Realtor offices, a clothing store, and a hardware store and more. We have a Health centre with a lab on Tuesday morning. We have volunteer fire and ambulance services. We have over a dozen small food farms. We have a bookstore and a home and garden store. To learn more about Mayne Island please have a look at and as you scroll down you might even see some images that are familiar. Basically we have everything we need.

    • I have been to visit Kathy and left a long comment. So much fun reading your thoughts and musing. Having lived where I have been isolated many times I think the transition to small island life was easy for me. Sure do love our high-speed internet though. It makes a huge difference to me and my ability to feel connected to the rest of the world.

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