Edge of the Sea

Standing close, feeling the softness of the smudged edge of the sea, being washed into a possibility.

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Happy Thanksgiving to all of our USA Creative Potager friends… may your year be bountiful with simple abundance and love. It is a perfect day for us all to take a moment and count our blessings.

Sprout question: What are you grateful for today?

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From Mayne Island, British Columbia, Canada

17 thoughts on “Edge of the Sea

  1. Terrill – I love the word picture you painted when you said, “feeling the softness of the smudged edge of the sea.” That captured my heart – as did the photograph.

    Sprout question: What are you grateful for today?

    The top of my my gratitude list today is crowned with my dad being out of the hospital and back at home.

    • Oh that is such good news Laurie. Makes me feel warm all through. Did you happen to notice that “G for Gratitude” was listed in the related articles? When I was putting the post together I thought it would for sure come up in my list of options but it didn’t. So I chose the first and then followed the format to create a special link for your freshly pressed post which I thought was an absolutely perfect related article for today. Happy Thanksgiving Laurie and give Len a big hug as well.

      • Terrill – I just rec’d a “ping” notice and followed it back and saw it. THANK YOU! I didn’t know/realize that we had a “list of options” to select from, or the ability to “choose the first and then follow the format to create a special link” when setting up a post. Hmmmmm, I’m gonna have to do some snooping around in the “Dashboard” to see if I can find what you mean. THANK YOU again for pointing to “G is for Gratitude.” I am, indeed, GRATEFUL for YOU!

  2. Laurie, I’m happy to hear your good news.
    Terill, what am I grateful.
    Love–new and old
    Friends–new and old
    The beauty that surrounds me–always

    Each morning, as I delight in the beauty your capture, I try to figure out where you were on the island. Today I think I figured it out. If you turned your camera further to the right you would have a nice picture of the lighthouse. Yes?

    • Thanks Leanne but is not from by the lighthouse. For some reason, this area that I love so much is not a regular stomping ground for islanders. To me it is one of the most beautiful beach areas on the island. So I am not going to say 🙂 Oh, I am teasing it is over on Reef Bay in David Cove. Many of my best images have been taken there because of the angle of the afternoon light.

  3. I am grateful to be able to appreciate the world around me and express myself in a artistic way with the use of paint
    My vision of the world is unquiet to me and if my paintings speak to someone that is something to be grateful for as well

  4. Many thanks for the Turkey Day greetings Terrill! And such a lovely visual embellishment there with the sea tapestry! Weather in the NYC/north Jersey area yesterday was rather raw, damp and rainy, but indoors the holiday spirit manifested itself in a hearty dinner, family videos, and the intermingling of children who only get to see each other a few times a year. (because of busy lives and geographical obstacles) Luciile and I (as per annual tradition) brought the kids up to rural Butler, New Jersey, where Lucille’s sister Elanie lives with her husband and three older boys in an ideal setting in a gigantic home on a culd de Sac in the company of over 60 adults and children. The 49 year old husband is one of seven children, and all were there with their kids, some of whiom have their own kids, and some other cousins and friends. Always a memorable get together! I am eternally grateful for this priceless annual get-together.

    • Sam I am delighted to hear about your large family gathering. Makes me miss my extended family. For many years these were the kinds of Christmas gatherings we had. These days we are all too far apart so we get together in smaller groups and tell stories about the bigger gatherings. I know your children too will treasure these family events far into the future.

  5. I am very grateful for all the folks who read my blog and are in my life – how lucky am I!

    I am very grateful that my family were all fed lovely food and friendship for this holiday and that no one had problems in traveling during such a strange storm

    beautiful picture – I am grateful to see it

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