Third original Terrill Welch oil painting in sale Far Shore

Far Shore captures the west coast mist as it tumbles over tree-covered Galiano Island jutting from the sea in Active Pass.

Deep green winter reflections wrestle with rolling fog dressing and undressing the forest. Glimpses of naked trees are quickly covered only to appear again further on. Never quite able to grasp the wholeness and the detail at the same time, the viewer’s eye dances across the canvas.

A slice of the painting resting at easel-angle shows a sliver of the deep green unframed canvas sides.


This detail holds the movement and mystery of the larger painting.


Creative Potager post “more painting” shows a couple of images of Far Shore in progress.

TO BUY THIS PAINTING: Critical information for Buyers including the price is posted on a separate page HERE.

Far Shore is the third of three original oil paintings on sale over three days. After each of the three paintings become available they will remain on sale until sold or midnight PST Monday December 6, 2010, whichever comes first.

The first painting East Point Cliffs is still available at the time of this posting.

The second painting Owl’s View is still available at the time of this posting.


Please share this post with others who may be interested. Thank you for coming by and support of my work.


Sprout question: Can you tell us about your most inspiring experience in the fog?


© 2010 Terrill Welch, All rights reserved.

Liberal usage granted with written permission. See “About” for details.

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From Mayne Island, British Columbia, Canada


17 thoughts on “Third original Terrill Welch oil painting in sale Far Shore

  1. I enjoyed your discription of this painting and the painting itself captures the essence of the movement of fog dancing with the trees, water and mountains! Well done.

    This is such a wondrous collection! I hope you are having a wondrous abundant experience with this process!

    I am Love, Jeff

    • Thank you so much Jeff. I have been surprised at how I learned from these paintings as now it has been a few months since I painted them. Like when I have written books they are now separate from me and much of my experience in creating them but still familiar. Similar to when you move away from home and then go back to visit. In this way the three for three days sale has been a huge personal gift. It is something I will like do again next year at this time, almost as a release and closing ritual for the year. I am still processing so it is hard to find just the right words. Your words suffice nice Jeff “wondrous abundant experience with this process.

  2. Terrill – There’s something magnetic about this painting. It pulls the viewer in for a closer look, and then softly whispers, “stay awhile.”

    Sprout question: Can you tell us about your most inspiring experience in the fog?

    This fog story isn’t “inspiring,” but it was hair-raising, I assure you:

    Many years ago when Len and I were first married, after celebrating Thanksgiving with my parents we went for an evening drive up in the mountains of Jualian (southern California). It was foggy and we were driving very, very carefully. We came around a sharp bend in the road and almost crashed into an automobile accident that had just occurred. It had been a head-on collission between two cars that hadn’t seen each other on the road.

    Len ran to help the person in the closest car, while I lit flares and put them on the road behind us in case any other cars should happen along. Then I ran to the people in the other car. The steering wheel had almost severed the driver’s leg and the passenger, wild-eyed with fright, was trying the release the driver. I had to restrain her, explaining that he would bleed to death if she did. She was clawing at me (fear had completely taken over), so I got a hold of the pressure point under her occipital bone and she thankfully passed out. Then Len came and we used his belt as a tourniquet on the man’s upper thigh.

    This was waaaaaay before the days of cell phones. I stayed with the accident while Len drove to the closest home and they called for an ambulance. The story has a happy ending — there were no fatalities, and the man did not have to have his leg amputated (which so easily could have been the case).

    • Good gravy Laurie! Thanks for sharing. That is an incredible story. Technology certainly has its advantages and this situation would have been one of them.

      This “3 paintings over 3 days” sale is another. Even five years ago I didn’t have my digital camera and I was just learning how to use social networks. I would not have had a clue or the tools to provide this weekends event. My mindset would have been on finding face-to-face venues as the only way to share my work with the world. Now I can comfortably use both options – on the same weekend!

  3. Terrill, this painting takes my breath away. It is so beautiful. We lived on the west coast for 35+ years and the way you capture the essense of this special place touches me beyond words.

    I’ve been reading your words and admiring your photgraphs for a while now and every time I visit your site feel such a sense of quiet and peace and reflection. These wonderful paintings will bring someone much joy.

    • Colleen thank you so much for letting me know you come by and visit Creative Potager on a regular basis. Your kind words touch me deeply are encouraging. How you describe my work and Creative Potager rings true and reflects my intentions. Thank you again for taking the time to comment.

  4. Yes Terrill, my most “inspiring” moment in the fog was about 12 years ago, when on the Palisades Parkway north, a fog-shrowded interstate that follows the cliffs along the Hudson River, a car was heading directly towards the limousine I was driving. The car was heading in the wrong direction!!! My inspiration was to verve sharply to the right to avoid the oncoming vehicle.

    My life flashed by me a matter of seconds.

    Anyway, this oil painting has always been one of your masterpieces. It’s worth every penny and then some!

    • Thank you Sam for your story and your compliment! Fog seems to bring with it some of these horror stories along with its beauty. It is so easy to to get disoriented when reference points are no longer visible. This painting and many of my photographs of fog are geographically unrecognizable even for people who live here and see these land mases everyday.

  5. ha!!!!!!!

    I just now read Laurie’s post and it seems like we were thinking much the same here, although typically that great lady was part and parcel to a kind of rescue operation!! But there is fear in the aire when this kind of thing happens for sure!

  6. You work is so lovely – We are going to paint on Christmas Day at our house…I worked with pastels last year for the first time and think I would like to try again that medium. Thank you for sharing and I hope they all sell – each one.

    • Thank you Patricia and good luck with your painting on Christmas Day. I find paintings leave for new homes when they find the absolute perfect place to be. I never mind having them stay awhile. They are good company. So sell or stay is just fine with me. This is part of the fun of featuring them… I am unattached to the the outcome.

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    • Thank you so much Sam and dear readers, I encourage you to follow this ping back and check out Sam’s post and all the great blogs he reads and comments on every Monday along with the movies he has seen.

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