Second Original Oil Painting by Terrill Welch in Sale Owls View

Owl’s View brings us up close to the mighty textures of tall fir trees as they stand together. This painting was painted on site or en plein air with the shifting light of the day changing until evening began to creep along the edges of the valley.

The sides of Owl’s View have a soft no-fuss finish. It is complete without a frame but I have a hunch it would be enhanced with your choice of materials to fit a specific location.

The detail below is very much an image its own right and one that makes a beautiful card available in my redbubble storefront. Creative Potager post “If I were an owl” shows several images of this painting in progress.

TO BUY THIS PAINTING: Critical information for Buyers, including the price, is posted on a separate page HERE.

Owl’s View is the second of three original oil paintings on sale over the next three days.. The second will go up on Saturday and the third on Sunday. After each of the three paintings become available they will remain on sale until sold or midnight PST Monday December 6, 2010, whichever comes first.

The first painting East Point Cliffs is still available at the time of this posting.

Please share this post with others who may be interested. Thank you for your interest and support of my work.

Sprout question: Would you stay or fly if you were this owl?

© 2010 Terrill Welch, All rights reserved.

Liberal usage granted with written permission. See “About” for details.

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From Mayne Island, British Columbia, Canada

14 thoughts on “Second Original Oil Painting by Terrill Welch in Sale Owls View

    • Thanks Laurie! Indeed I am sure that is exactly what the owl does. I can sure see you doing this too.

      When I am watching an owl perch, I always wonder when it will fly. After a big winter storm we used to sometimes find a big white snow owls perch in the woodshed windowless window up in the end of the roof. They didn’t live that far south usually but would get lost in the storm and end up visiting. Beautiful creatures. Sometimes they would sit there for a couple of days resting. Then one of us would go out to look and it would be gone.

  1. Love it, Terrill. As for stay or fly if I were your owl … well, let’s see … the trees are inviting, so I might stay put for winter … then fly about in the spring! Have a lovely weekend. –Daisy

    • Thank you Daisy for dropping in from your Sunny Room Studio. Always a pleasure. Since you are my owl you can stay as long as you like. One day I will look up and there you will be, drifting into night… and in the morning it will be spring.

  2. I enjoyed reading Laurie’s reply and would if I were an owl I join her.

    Sorry, I missed last night Terrill. However, it will be my honour to sit with your art on December 15th–when I take my shift at the library. I’m sure many admirer will come to the library simply to be surrounded by TCAC talent. : )

    • Ah, there the two of you go Leanne… flying….

      My art will enjoy sitting for you Leanne. The library is such a great place to ‘sit with’ art and friends. It was a lovely evening but much quieter than Creative Potager was yesterday. If we had everyone at the library opening that dropped by here, we would have had to leave the doors open to make room! What a wonderful day it was to have old and new people drop in for a visit. Such fun!

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    • Thank you CatMan! Good question. I am not sure I have a favourite place to paint. I prefer nature light and access to lived experience. I paint on site or use my own photographs and sketches for reference. I have painted mostly rural landscapes but if I lived in an urban setting I would like paint what was around me there. I tend to prefer the low light of early morning, late afternoon or winter. I seldom have humans, animals or birds in any of my work. I like the emptiness of land, sky and water. I like the mystery of trees. I rarely want anything in my paintings or photography that distracts the viewer from these elements. This is purposeful at this point in my creativity. Though it has always been so. I somehow want to draw our attention to the very earth itself… so that we see it – real see and feel it as more than a backdrop for our otherwise busy lives.

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