Nothing but blue skies from now…

Sometimes it feels like nothing but blue skies from now on… when the grey clears in the winter and the blue is so intense. Here are a couple of photographs of an arbutus tree against the clear blue in the winter sky. Arbutus trees are difficult to catch on their own. They like company and often lean on other trees for support on their journey to meet the sun.

(view full resolution – available for purchase here.)

(view full resolution – available for purchase here.)

To help set the mood of the moment, let’s have Ella Fitzgerald do it up right with this beautiful rendition of  – Blue Skies…

Please note: Creative Potager will be on holidays beginning Saturday, December 11, 2010 and on its one year anniversary Monday, December 27, 2010.

Sprout question: What is your favourite blue sky experience?

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From Mayne Island, British Columbia, Canada

11 thoughts on “Nothing but blue skies from now…

  1. Terrill – the blue in the photographs is so vivid, so brilliant!

    Sprout question: What is your favorite blue sky experience?

    Being IN the sky as a passenger when Len pilots his small, 4-seater plane.

  2. Terrill:

    First off I wish you all a great winter holiday break, though I have mixed feelings, as we’ll be missing the wonderment on display here. But we’ll only need to check out your paintings for inspiration.

    The blue is intense, especially for this time of year, though when it’s clear this is indeed the hue. What a terrific choice there with that Ella Fitzgerald standard!

    Len pilots a 4 seater, Laurie? Wow. Now THAT is truly the ultimate blue-sky experience! Talk about hands on!

    For me, I’ll choose a family trip two years ago to the Empire State Building with my British friend Allan Fish (visiting for three weeks and staying with us) on an unusually crystal clear day. What a sight to behold needless to say with deep azure all around.

    • Yes Sam I feel like I will leave readers with lots of browsing in over 200 post for 2010. The new year is likely to see me do something slightly different because I need to create a new body of work for solo opening that I have been requested to do in June…. but more about that in early 2011.

      Your blue sky experience Sam sounds extremely memorable and delightful. Glad you liked Ella Fitzgerald as well.

  3. I love arbutus trees, blue sky and the song you’ve selected today is one of my favourites.
    And, so, in apprecation, here’s a little story about the first time I flew.

    I’m the youngest child and the only daughter in my family. I grew up with the firm belief that whatever my brothers could do, I could do too.
    My dad had an old car, which was given to stalling.
    One fateful day, I was playing outside. I looked up and noticed that our car was stuck on the lawn. It was stuck and no one was helping Dad with it.
    Well, he was my dad and I was going to help him. I grabbed onto the bumper and pushed. Nothing happened. I was determined that something would and threw my whole self into the task. The car started to move. I was so proud, but before I could let go the car began to fly down the highway, my tiny body sailing after it.
    I didn’t know what to do. If I let go I would surely crash. If I held on…if I held on… I had no choice, I had to hold on.
    Thankfully, the car began to slow down very gradually and finally stopped. My dad peeled my small hands off the bumper and I clung to him. My hero had saved me, yet again.

    • Oh yes Kathy I remember this trek in the woods with you to see the great blue heron nests very well. Wonderful snatches of blue sky. Would be interesting to see you do this trip again with your new camera. Not that there is anything wrong with these present photos but you will be able to take the same image with your new baby and make them SNAP!

  4. This morning is my favorite blue sky for today! After 4 days of such heavy rain and more to come, this was a blessing of relief and just stunning

    When I get a minute I will have to look up whether an Arbutus tree is the same as I was taught to call a Madrona ? they lean so far out over the water here but are very hard to grow.

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