Winter Evening

Rain and warm winds play and sing through the night. There had been a wind warning but nothing came of it. I wake at 4:20 am. Dawn is hours away as we near winter solstice. I must decide what to post. Thinking I will use another of my blue sky images I open the photograph folder. I stop over photos I had taken on the evening of November 20, 2010. I never went any further.

Looking over Georgia Straight to Vancouver.

Then south east a bit the light had faded even further. It was a full moon.


Sprout question: What is the softest point of reflection for you today?


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8 thoughts on “Winter Evening

  1. Terrill – The full moon photograph makes me feel like I’m standing knee-deep in the water looking at the sky.

    Sprout question: What is the softest point of reflection for you today?

    Based on responses from Ted and Sandi over on Speaking from the Heart, I’ve started my day reflecting on the vastness of eternity. And I’m confident of one thing – no matter how much time/effort I invest myself in that thought, I’ll never be able to wrap my head around it.

    • Yes Laurie that is how I felt standing there taking the image… it was also very cold. My hands were stiff by the time I was done. Your reflection today is something I unsatisfactorily muse on once in awhile as well. Hum….

  2. The blues of the sea are exquisite. The softest point of reflection today? My softest point of reflection is the place that hurts in my body. (Will be explaining more via a blog today or tomorrow.) By breathing deeply into the pain, the pain becomes very soft and pliable. See you later, off to work!

    • Your breathing into pain Kathy has always worked so well for me whether it is physical or emotional. Will be checking in later over on your blog to see how you are doing.

      It is now 8:01 am… dawn is slowly lifting into day. An eagle calls from up on the cliff. A jet beats a path east and is gone. Poached eggs, homemade baked pork and beans with toasted local artesian bread.

  3. softest point of reflection – hmm,.. I am attempting to get puppy on a schedule, he is very soft right now with baby fur and I deep breath and relax my muscles and massage under his chin right before putting him in his crate That moment when I focus on relaxation.

    Happy Blog anniversary – rather fun to reach the 1 year mark.

    I am going to take about 2 weeks holiday coming up – too much activity ahead

    Lovely pictures. Puppy thinks his reflection in the window of the door is another puppy – a funny reflection!

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