Softly Dramatic

Not all breathless moments come with blood-rushing luminosity. Some are quiet and wrap their arms around you while you are not looking.


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(view full resolution – available for purchase here.)

Softly Dramatic

(view full resolution – available for purchase here.)

These three images are a study and meant to be viewed together.

Sprout question: where do you notice quiet drama in your creativity?

Please note: Creative Potager will be on holidays beginning Saturday, December 11, 2010 and will return on its one year anniversary Monday, December 27, 2010.

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From Mayne Island, British Columbia, Canada

13 thoughts on “Softly Dramatic

  1. Transitions, Smudges, and Softly Dramatic – a captivating trio.

    Sprout question: where do you notice quiet drama in your creativity?

    I find quiet drama in the research aspect of the writing that I do.

    • Laurie that sounds so intriguing “quiet drama in the research aspect of the writing.” I remember that feeling when I was in university and I used to have to go into “the stacks” to find what I needed. The smell. The quiet. The possibility. Today being able to use the internet… not so much so. Best of today to you!

    • Michelle, I smiled when I read your comment “almost my creative theme” because I so agree. I love your work for this very finely attuned atmosphere.

      Dear readers please to take the time to go to Michelle’s blog and then when you have had a browse there, click on over to her website to her amazing paintings.

  2. I love the subtle, softness of the wide view first photo… looks like a natural for a pastel. Since I got Shirley a set of pan pastels and we have done a few pictures I see subjects everywhere that seem to lend themselves to that medium. It reminds me of the quote, “He that is good with a hammer thinks everything is a nail.”

    I have not noticed too much “quiet drama” in my creativity lately. There has not been time for creative pursuits. I plan to slow down this next week and take some time to produce some Christmas presents. Maybe some quiet drama will evolve.

    • Sherwin I did watch the demonstration video you sent about the pan pastels and you are so right. These images would be perfect for that medium… hammer and nails aside 🙂 I too am looking forward to a couple of quiet weeks. Tomorrow will be my last blog post, the one year wedding anniversary for David and I, until Monday December 27th which will be the one year anniversary for Creative Potager. All the best with your creativity!

        • If the photo bug takes a serious bite Leanne, you will know it. Signs to watch for are when you say to yourself, “I wonder what will happen if I……” Or “hum, if only I had noticed that fire hydrant to the left of her wedding dress.” When you find yourself doing this, then I am sorry to inform you but you are moving past the moments of being a the happy snapshot shooter. Enjoy taking those photos just for the pleasure of having the shutter go “click.” Fair warning: the more one goes “click” the greater the risk of turning into a recreational photographer and more.

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