Uninterrupted Day

Uninterrupted Day

Only poets settle the irritable edges of an uninterrupted day:

Rukeyser, Oliver, Whitman.

Questions posed with audacious retorts.

Words liminal.

The mind’s blank titanium whites transcend their dazzling brilliance,

leaving dawn’s uninterruptible, curious, confusion

for the sanctity of coffee, fruit and yogurt.


Sprout question: What might settle an irritable edge on your creative day?


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23 thoughts on “Uninterrupted Day

  1. Oh, heavenly, creative day… Um, thank you for allowing me to dream.
    -having a writing room that I don’t have to share with anyone
    -employing a housekeeper to do the laundry, the dishes and cook the meals.
    Yes, that should do it.
    For now, until then, I will admire the ever-changing view of my island paradise and pretend the dryer is providing background music. : )
    Enjoying the now, but dreaming of the future.

  2. A good night’s sleep, a body that feels no pain when I wake, a full coffee pot, rain falling on the garden so I don’t have to water it. A handful of things would make it easier to edit, write, rewrite; my morning work. But when my muse whispers in my ear, I don’t need a thing. I am complete unto myself. Happy creating, everyone.

  3. Ah, the great expanse of the spirit via luxurious words of poetry. Wonderful imagery. Thanks for this refreshing blog post, Terrill. Good poetry, good karma, good world. –Daisy

  4. Terrill – “Questions posed with audacious retorts.” I loved this bold statement — like a spash of vibrant color on canvas.

    Sprout question: What might settle an irritable edge on your creative day?

    I’m pretty sure a bowl of garlic mashed potatoes would do the trick 🙂

    • Love that answer to the sprout question Laurie. And I bet many readers here know that you regard garlic mashed potatoes as a necessary food group. I am sure they would too the trick as well.

  5. The rhythm of ‘Uninterrupted Day’ sounds to me like a long Haiku, Terrill. You are so clever with the cadence of your words and so gifted in your talents.

    Sprout question: What might settle an irritable edge on your creative day?

    Definitely, a long, hard rain that would wash my neighbor’s liquid manure into the ground, accompanied with a stiff breeze from the South to blow the stench toward HIS place instead of mine 😦

  6. lovely words today and I so needed to read them – I am being still before my next book group arrives. Last nights group on Robin Easton’s Naked in Eden was a read discussion session, I hope tonight on Clarie Dederer”s Poser will be the same. Both groups switched nights and ended up back to back at my house with the summer schedules taking shape.
    I have been racing to get posts written before my It Person leaves for 3 weeks vacation and I work to get the new blog up and running. Of course, getting the computer phone system and video camera to work is an amazingly difficult process for me…and it is holding me up, but just think how great it will be for connections when i figure it out… Chain saws are done for the day next door 100 year old cedar with a new elastic girdle to protect the houses below in wind storms, 1 messy ill plum tree gone and the 3 Catalpas for tomorrow.

    I just sat in silence for about 30 minute to cope and now am reading a few blog posts to find quiet and hear what is being said.

    Thinking about your show and painting….I had a friend who had voices in her head, and she always said that when she painted the voices would stop

    thank you for your good words

    • Patricia the gift of “being still” is one that is highly underrated in our production oriented society. I am a doer by nature but over time have learned the value of quiet moments – though I often refer to them as “stolen quiet moments” or “earned quiet moments.” Silly isn’t it?

      I can see how painting would quiet the voices in your friend’s head. I find there is a draw into total engagement when painting which doesn’t relinquish itself to the daily oddities of worries, voices or even physical pains.

      You are most welcome for the poem Patricia. It is a pleasure to have you drop by to enjoy it.

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  8. Such Wonderful imagery, Terrill! Love your clever poem

    Sprout question: What might settle an irritable edge on your creative day?

    Outdoor time seems to work best for me 🙂 Dancing is a close runner-up 😉

    • Antonia I hope you get to dance outside then! Seems like a perfect combination. There is a music festival on the island this weekend and I am thinking there will be some of this happening for sure.

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