Beyond Blue mixed-media painting

While the  STUDY of BLUE family is pulled together in the glare of a summer day and readied for my solo exhibition,  another small painting found its way onto my easel.

It started with a canvas print of “Beyond” as an underpainting.

I then freely added oil paint until it feels done. The work may be the seed for something new or it may be a one-off experiment. It is just too early to tell.

BEYOND BLUE mixed-media 8 X 11.75 inches on canvas $300.00

The painting is showing in the summer group show at the Mayne Island Reading Centre (the Library) but you can contact me directly via email at if you are interested in having this piece hanging on your wall.

Sprout Question: What are you finishing and then beginning anew?

STUDY OF BLUE solo exhibition is up until July 27, 2011. At this time, there are still eleven paintings to choose from. Your personal favourite may still be available and can bepurchased today online.

© 2011 Terrill Welch, All rights reserved.

Liberal usage granted with written permission. See “About” for details.

Purchase photography at

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From Mayne Island British Columbia, Canada

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14 thoughts on “Beyond Blue mixed-media painting

  1. Terrill – All of the STUDY of BLUE paintings gathered into one area has got to have such a powerful feel to it — not only the color, but the images and inspiration behind your work as well. The vantage point of the first photograph brings to mind a conductor, getting ready to move the baton for beautifully orchestrated action.

    Sprout Question: What are you finishing and then beginning anew?

    As an anchor writer for two magazines, one writes their pieces well in advance. I just finished writing the last of the “KEY TO HEALING” articles for 2011, and have just begun stirring the mental pot for next year’s INNER ALCHEMY – PERSONAL TRANSFORMATION articles.

    • Yes Laurie, I can always seem to count on you leading the charge into the year ahead with the need to get articles out in advance of the monthly calendar. The family portrait of my recent paintings does seem to have that conductor feeling which is part of the showing but not really part of the creating. They seem to be shuffling and edging there way onto the stage before the curtain goes up. I seem to be ordering with loving firmness at this point “Places! Places! Come on now. You know the drill.” And they did. Easily finding their place on the venue wall that best suited their hue, size and expression.

  2. Terrill,

    I don’t think we ever finish, we just keep improving the work, the art !

    Wonderful perspective on your work, seen all together and from above. There is a powerful air to that! Beautiful!
    There is a more roughness or masculine feel to “Beyond Blue” that I did not feel or see in the others.

    • I think you are right Jeff. Their is a rough masculine feel to this painting. It might partly be due to the coarseness of the canvas with its gloss finish that I used as the foundation. Also the original photograph has a simplicity and large shapes that I took advantage of when completing the work. I agree, as creative beings as long as we are breathing we are not finished our creative work.

  3. I love looking at your “collection in blue” in this context … gives a much better feel for what they express and in what way. Almost like looking at them in person! Great great idea, Terrill.

    • Thanks Daisy. I actually hesitated about sharing this photograph because of how the skylight over exposed the smaller paintings on the table in the foreground. But then I decided there was other places that showed these works in detail and it was the overall collection that was of most importance in this shot. It does give a much better sense of scale and wholeness for the show than when seeing the paintings individually.

  4. I’m with Daisy on this one. The collection in context is stunningTerrill, there is just something about it. . . . each of the paintings on their own hold their own ground but in the group they take on an even bolder expression of beauty and strength. I’m sure the show will be remarkable!!

    As for me I’m finishing my 3 month journal note diary on my experience with gazing events. I started editing yesterday and the day before I totally surprised myself by designing the cover – completely by ‘accident’ – I don’t do graphics, so it was quite the surprise. The problem is that because I have no idea how I did what I did, I dont’ know how to do it again. . . . I guess learning more about that art will be what I will be ‘starting’.

    • I love how you stay on the learning curve Alison – always reaching and wondering and seeing what happens. I am glad I went ahead and posted the image of all the paintings together because I think this is has been as meaningful for those of you who have accompanied me on the journey of their creation as it has been for me to see there shiny faces in one spot.

  5. I just enjoy your work and nice pictures and stories of how they came to be…

    …just finishing my regrouping days after so much company and making preparations to do Dr. Joel Furhman’s Eat to Live program ( vegan raw) to get my body into better shape and lose weight – I just had so much energy with this program and keep wondering why everyone keeps confusing me by saying “Not enough protein” I just want to feel tip top and full of energy again like last August..and I want to be the right size for how I feel – healthy.

    I am highlighting a young gal’s video about her efforts to find a cure for her Juvenile Diabetes which they discovered she had at age 2….she did a nice video and is going to do a fundraiser July 30th..and then get married in September. She is very inspiring…

    • I hope you don’t mind Patricia but I took the liberty of making your reference a live link back to your site so it is easy for readers to slip over and check it out. So glad you enjoy tagging along on my creative process. It makes it feel like a community for me. Something I do with good friends and great people that stop by for a visit.

      • No mind at all, rather thanksgiving. I could not get the link to take earlier and I have come to a professional question this afternoon.

        I spent 2 days reading a bloggers new e-book and another writing time doing a post for my blog to share his work. I put a warning in that I found his references to women rather victimizing re: casual sex and I thought my readers should be fore warned. One sentence – I liked the book and how his writing skill developed…over all…
        Now he is demanding I remove the sentence before posting…just writing this down felt good – I have decided I will just write a new post for that spot….after all it is my blog
        I would feel too uncomfortable not letting others know…I was going to ask your opinion but now I feel certain this is the right thing to do.. Thank you for the space 🙂

        • Anytime Patricia. There is always room for a little musing through a problem here at Creative Potager. I am happy to be of assistance. Please that you leave on a path of personal integrity and regard for others.

  6. It’s quite a magnificent collection there, bathed in all shades of eye-filling blue, and imbued with the kind of artistic unity that can be achieved with your oneness with nature and the outdoors. I must say I adore “Beyond Blue,” which seems to evince a sense of the abstract and the kind of expressionism you’ve been successfully negotiating as of late. I sense the price tag on that one is too low! But heck, each of any one of these treasures would be cherished.

    I am nearing completion of paperwork associated with the finished school year, and am now commencing on the work that will be needed for September. Ha! It’s a never-ending cycle there.

    • Ah well Sam you caught me out on the pricing as I had to pay for the print first and do the painting but it is not too far off. If I do this kind of work regularly I may have to adjust it up a bit but for now… well, let’s just see what happens. So glad you could make it by in the midst of your busy summer. It is always a pleasure to connect and I greatly value your input my friend.

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