Rainy Summer Day in Navy Channel

Another medium size canvas print of “Witness in Georgia Strait” has sold from the Green House Restaurant where I share wall space with another Mayne Island creative being Barbara McIntyre.  It is the second of this image I have sold. Summer is the time when our island doubles in size and we share this beautiful island with weekenders and tourists.

But in all honesty it has been a rather wet and dreary summer so far. Yet, it is the wettest and mistiest days that often find me leaving the house with my camera. It is like I must connect, I must be close to the earth’s surfaces taking in her breath as if we are one.

The day is hot and humid. My bare arms feel the moisture in the air and I leave my raincoat draped haphazardly around my waist. With the tide out, I scramble along the small beach and over the rocks in Navy Channel.

While noticing a straggly molting heron feeds in the shallows

I almost step on the most magnificent huge purple starfish.

(this image may be purchased here)

Looking west it is hard to make out Salt Spring Island in the distance.

But it is two large boulders to the east that have captured my attention. Huddled, as if braving the grayness of the day alone, they squat on the shore.

As I draw closer I can see that they are now separate and each holding a space of its own.

However, I opt for an image that has a stronger connection to their oneness, my oneness and our oneness as we experience being separate.

(this image may be purchased here)

The magic of summer rains and mist defies our capacity to mistakenly dwell on our separateness.

Sprout Question: What clarity comes from your today?

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15 thoughts on “Rainy Summer Day in Navy Channel

  1. Terrill – I don’t know when I’ve seen anything as lovely as that purple starfish. Oh my gosh!

    I especially liked your observation, “…defies our capacity to mistakenly dwell on our separateness.” Ahhhhh, that feels like a soothing balm.

    Sprout Question: What clarity comes from your today?

    Today I’ve had the thought “Not BECAUSE of, rather IN SPITE OF, strike the seat of my emotion (my heart) several times. That’s the clarity that’s come through today…in spite of.

    • I like “inspite of” Laurie… it always sings of clarity to me. The purple starfish has been such a hit that I posted it on redbubble as well. I didn’t give the image a second thought because these beauties are as common as dandelions blooming in a spring lawn during low tides here in the gulf islands. It was a particularly lovely one though.

  2. Amazing pictures – we have a local fair in the way of our vision of the Lake and Sound and between rain showers we hear the screaming kids on the rides. Maybe I am growing accustomed to our wet summers, but I am rather liking the cool days and fancy clouds – rain and sun usually dry evenings.

    I am not very good in the heat. that is why I live here

    I am not feeling the urge to write today, so have been reading lots of blog posts and catching up after my weekends of company. My writing has been comments and that feels good.

    I am holding on to my integrity today – as e-book author wants to write his own review on my blog…and is after me about misrepresenting his writing.

    I feel the need to pursue doing something kind for others.

    The picture of the 2 rocks – interesting…I saw two huddled against the coolness and at peace

    • Writing comes in its own time but if we have our bum in the seat it seems to move like water down hill coming through whatever cracks and crevices are available – be that comments on other blogs Patricia or in a new post of your own. Writing is writing. I too sense that huddling against the coolness and a peace welling up between the 2 rocks.

  3. Terrill I’ve never seen a starfish that looked so completely alive and magnificent!!! Bless you for taking up the camera and heading out into the mist for the great find. . . .the pictoral report of your journey in nature today has inspired yet a deeper connection in me to your neck of the woods. Thank you.

    • Alison this connection is part of what I believe must be my purpose or the purpose of Creative Potager. I believe we humans need this connection to our earthly world. Without it we lose our sense of time and space and wonder. We miss that we are animals and part of what is necessarily a complex and simple universe so to speak. We forget that we can be part of what is good and balances as well as harsh and unforgiving. Pavement and tall buildings can never be this kind of reminder for me. It takes dirt, stone, trees, the sea and the ever changing sky. You are welcome:)

  4. National Geographic has nothing on you Terrill, that’s for sure! You have continued to plumb the surroundings for the visual beauty and sense of wonderment, all within a sensory consideration of your island paradise. These are all part of the equation in the creation process.

    The clarity for me is the realization that summer is almost a fleeting timespan. Before you know it August is here and then beyond.

    • Oh Sam, you are too kind. National Geographic, someday maybe. In the meantime I am glad you enjoyed your time with me in Navy Channel. You are the first to mention the coming of fall Sam. Though it always follows on the heels of summer, no one has dared to mention its imminent arrival yet here on Creative Potager. Good for you! The shoulder-season is a favourite of mine and I look forward to the mists that usually accompany this season here on Mayne Island.

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  6. It is so fun to walk in the misty wet day it seems to bring the sky to the ground. I have been brought more to the memories of living at Easton Mountain Retreat, where the clouds touched down almost every morning, or the mist from the pond drifty up between the two Mountains, which I use to say I live in a place where clouds are made.

    Beautiful walk, I have never seen a purple star fish either. Wonderful! as for two rocks huddle together as in a hug, connectiveness.

    Congratulations on your sale as well!

    What clarity comes from my today? We are not alone, we are here, all part of the magnificent creative universe!

    • Yes we are not alone Jeff. Connectiveness – I like the sound of that. Yesterday on my return home from Victoria a friends was also returning from a …. hum… I shall we call it a quest journey presented by the Animas Valley Institute on Salt Spring Island. At the top of their rack card information it says the following:

      We stand on the threshold of a great unknown… individually and collectively, we launch into an uncertain future – at once, both perilous and saturated with possibility.

      This is what your word “connectiveness” and my rainy walk on Navy Channel brings forward. Best of today to you Jeff!

  7. Wish I could buy the starfish colour in a tube – it would be a great addition to my painter’s arsenal – but if I painted a starfish that colour then no one would believe me but that would be OK.

    Great images!

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