First Terrill Welch Original Oil Painting in Sale East Point Cliffs

This painting is a shape-shifter through time. More than any other painting that I have painted East Point Cliffs absorbs the light and transforms with the time of day. Bright and lush on a sunny day …

Quiet and peaceful on a cloudy day…

East Point Cliffs looks as if there is a full moon shining when it is near dusk. It is rightly the first painting of my online sale as it was the first painting in oils I had done in thirty years of working in watercolours. Oil was the first medium I used when I started painting and selling my work at the age of fourteen. It is ever-so-wonderful to return to a slightly modified water miscible oil paint.

With the oil painting’s deep edges roughly textured, it awaits your personal touch in choosing of a frame to fit your chosen location or it can be left as is, reminding the viewer that it is canvas and paint that has become art.

A close up reveals the layered impressionist strokes on canvas.

East Point Cliffs is inspired from a trip in February to Saturna Island British Columbia, Canada. The deep blue of the sea and the sandstone cliffs were mesmerizing. An early post provides more about the process of painting East Point Cliffs.

TO BUY THIS PAINTING: Critical information for Buyers including the price is posted on a separate page HERE.

East Point Cliffs is the first of three original oil paintings going on sale over the next three days.. The second will go up on Saturday and the third on Sunday. After each of the three paintings become available they will remain on sale until sold or midnight PST Monday December 6, 2010, whichever comes first.

Please share this post with others who may be interested. Thank you for your interest and support of my work.

Sprout question: If you were mesmerized by East Point Cliffs where would it take you?

© 2010 Terrill Welch, All rights reserved.

Liberal usage granted with written permission. See “About” for details.

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From Mayne Island, British Columbia, Canada

22 thoughts on “First Terrill Welch Original Oil Painting in Sale East Point Cliffs

  1. Terrill – I love how the third photograph shows the painting continues on the “sides” of the canvas!

    If you were mesmerized by East Point Cliffs where would it take you?

    Straight to the Isle of Skye

    • Thank you Laurie I can’t believe you and Jeff are already here! So great of you to stop in first thing and say hello. I just quickly looked up some images of the Isle of Skye and I can see why this painting would take you there. Likely feels much the same even in real time. Best of today to you Laurie.

    • Thank you Jeff! So glad you took a moment to drop in this morning. I am so excited and a little nervous about this new idea so it is good to have friends come by and say hello and offering their best.

    • Thank you Leanne!!! It is wonderful to take a moment to be with each painting as I send in off into the world through cyberspace. Sales or no sales a pause to celebrate is always a valuable practice.

  2. OH this is just a lovely piece of work – I loved all the angles and just enjoying the movement of the water.

    I enjoy when something changes through the day and the light – my living room color does that and I truly am at my best in that room

    Thank you

    • Patricia I am so pleased that you shared your story about your living room and extra thrilled that you know just what I mean. What colour is this room? Does it have other colours underneath?

      Glad that you enjoy and appreciate East Point Cliffs. Thank you for stopping in and celebrating with me today:)

      • The original colour was called February Frost – had more grey to it…then we put more blue into the next coat and it is now often lavender or mauve in the mornings. I call it morning sky….then in the evening it feels warm and cozy blue. The paint can says “Extra White” Latex….and then has a formula on the top, so I think my architect husband mixed it himself? If he had it his way every wall would be white!
        My bedroom is finally my choice of colour too – it is a very high energy navy blue called Frank Blue…with white trim. I do not like to compete with natures splendid array of greens in our part of the world!

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  4. Absolutely gorgeous impressionistic oil paintings, and a real acquisition to the buyer. Admittedly it’s the kind of work that would hang hansomely on my own walls, but at this point I must bide my time with the holidays approaching.

    Where does it bring me? I am transported to the rocky Penistone Crag, the romantic landmark in Bronte’s “Wuthering Heights,” a place of unbridled passions and mystery, and for the release of unspoken and unconsumated yearnings.

    • Thank you Sam! You made my day. Original oil paintings are truly and investment so I appreciate that it requires some forethought and financial planning. I am a firm believer that people should not go in debt to buy either art or gold. These are purchases that are best made with cash in hand and without regret.

      What a wonderful place to be transported through this painting Sam. A perfect fit! That is how it felt when I was standing on that very shore as well.

  5. How Beautiful, Terrill! Wishing you many bountiful Blessing upon the sales of your Wonderful work!

    Mesmerized by the cliffs, I descend to the depths within, as waterside has a tendency to do.

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